Best UK Winter Holiday Destinations

At this time of year, many of us simply want to get away from the stress of the festive season.Not just from the flurry of Christmas adverts flashing across our televisions and monochromatic mornings spent de-icing our cars- most of us want to escape the cold. And those of us that manage it insert just one caveat when choosing a destination; make it hot!

Relax and Unwind in the West Country

Making such a demand, however, is depriving us of many pleasing destinations much closer to home. Imagine fuellinga crackling open fire in the quaint cottage you have leased in the West Country,a landscape of whitened downs and frost-encrusted trees as far as the eye can see. After all, winter is the perfect season in which to enjoy the creature comforts of the indoors offers; chintz armchairs, shag pile rugs and hot coffees! Companies such as Landmark Trust and Forgotten Houses offer a selection of country properties available on short let, so you can, quite literally, escape to the country.

Take a trip to Cork

Whilst winter brings the beauty of the countryside into sharper focus, it also lends a certain spellbinding quality to other things. Imagine then, wrapped up in your mittens, woolly jumper and knitted scarf, visiting Blarney Castle near Cork, and taking a walk in its extensive grounds, or enjoying a comforting pint within the toasty confines of the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, before venturing into the hustle and bustle of the Temple Bar district.

Explore the Cairngorms

With that in mind, head to one of the many hot spots for skiing in the UK, snowboard in hand, and, amateur or pro, you’re certain to have a good time. There are impressive slopes across the country, with the best sites being in the north of Scotland, in the Nevis range and the Cairngorms. Many of these UK destinations have authentic ski lodges and gondolas so, while they may lack the vastness of Chamonix, they certainly maintainwintry charm.

A Hyde Park Christmas in London

There are numerous flight offersavailable during winter, some slashing fares by as much as 50%, and each of them designed to tempt disillusioned Brits into making the most of home pastures. Whether you want to jet to Scotland to embark on a railway trip taking in the snow-capped viewpoints of the Highlands, invade London to enjoy the Hyde Park Christmas market, or spend cosy afternoons enclosed within stone cottages in Ireland or Wales, winter destinations in the UK offer something for everyone.

Where will you take a staycation this winter?

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